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Beaches Around Us

The most beautiful beaches in our vicinity


Beach Rijeka Rezevica


The small Rijeka Rezevica beach with endlessly clean water, a restaurant, deckchairs, and a gallery is 350 meters from Sunset Residence Apartments. The olive trees that surround it provide a pleasant shade

Drobni Pjesak beach


Beach Drobni pijesak is certainly one of the most beautiful beaches of the Montenegrin coast. Emerald water, endlessly clear and clean, the beach is surrounded by sea vegetation and mountains, hidden from view. On the beach there is a restaurant, umbrellas, sunbeds for rent and a section intended for tourists who want to rest on their own towels. Fine sand beach can be seen from the terraces of Sunset Residence Apartments and is 2 minutes away by car from us.

Beach Perazica Do


The small beach Perazića do is also one of the most beautiful beaches in Montenegro, which can be compared with the most beautiful beaches in Europe. The beach has a turquoise blue sea, sandy – silty. There is a restaurant, sunbeds, umbrellas on the beach. It is 1 minute by car from Sunset Residence Apartments

Beach Sv. Stefan – Queens Beach – Kings Beach


The most famous and most beautiful beaches of Montenegro, the beach of St. Stefan, Kraljicina plaza and Kraljeva plaza, only 2.5 km away from Sunset Residence Apartments.

Petrovaca Beach


The largest beach in Petrovac is the city sand beach Petrovac – about 600 meters long. It is one of the most visited beaches on the Budva Riviera with a rich beach content, 3 km away from Sunset Residence Apartments.

Lucica Beach


Lucica Beach is about 220 meters long, but it is one of the most beautiful beaches in Montenegro. It is covered with fine, fine sand and is surrounded by pine trees, which provides natural shade. It is 3.5 km from Sunset Residence Apartments

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